How I spent my summer (Part 1)

This summer has been really eventful and my creative productivity has gone through the roof. Going to festivals, having BBQs, watching the tennis and managing to soak up every last bit of sunshine was pretty much standard, but one of the biggest events/projects I was fortunate enough to be part of was Marwell Wildlife's Go Rhinos2013 project in Southampton.

It all started when I attended a meeting inviting local artists to find out about the project and what it entails. Go Rhinos!, I found out, was a major charity art project within Southampton where local artists submitted designs to be chosen and sponsored by local businesses to be painted on full scale fibre glass rhino sculptures to be displayed across the city. I jumped at the chance to be part of this amazing project and got to work immediately on my designs.

I submitted two designs in the end, both in my signature detailed style, one of which was inspired by the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico and the other by the Oxpecker bird.

After the deadline in January there was a small wait to find out if any of the sponsors would choose one of my designs to be painted on a rhino.

Unfortunately in March I found out my designs had not been chosen, but all was not lost, In April I got a surprising phone call from Marwell Wildlife telling me that they had chosen one of my designs to be reproduced on a rhino, although they requested some slight changes to be made.......

To be continued in part 2.