Fish Face

Oi fish face, another skull face but this time done with fish

Working dinos

A possible result for the set of three colour images, but still working on it 


Continuing with the colour, but this time with the birds, it is the second of a series of three.

Hamster Guinea pig monster things

Hamster Guinea pig monster things, started doing these and wonder what they would look like in colour, going to do loads more on A2 size. 

Dust Mites

Dust Mites, these are what I imagine I suck up when I go do the hoovering.

More birds just sitting around

Another image from my Moleskin, more birds just sitting around.

Monster Head

Another Monster face, used some of the monsters i posted yesterday

Fish and tweets

I have got a thing about drawing fish and birds, so I thought I should put them together, works well I think.

Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish

loads of fish in this image, this one i had loads of fun drawing. Can you find the Tuna Fish, Sword Fish, Clown Fish, Sail Fish and the Fish Fingers?

birds on wire

Drawing of birds on telephone wires. image taken from my moleskin. Enjoy

Stuff with faces

Pages form the sketch books of tom, I enjoy looking at things and wondering what they would look like with happy faces on.

The Voices in my head

Image six for Project 31, monsters and robots, whats not to love?

The Birds and the Bees

Image 5 is again taken from my moleskin. I have often wondered what would happen if you actually mixed the birds with the bees.

These birds need tweetment

Today's image for Project 31, MONSTER BIRDS, after the success of the other birds image I thought i'd tweak them a bit.

Bird Brain

First image for Project 31, lost count of how many birds there are in the image, but had fun doing it. Might do more like this. Tune in for tomorrow for the next image.

Project 31

Project 31 is a project in which everyday in the month of October i will post a new image from sketch book pages to final images, from birds to robots. so hold on to your hats and enjoy the inky goodness.

Group hug

Another group pic from on going work in sketch book, more dinosaurs or robots needed

Another round for the birds

Another load of birds, really need to to do a complete page full of them.

Dino pile up

Another pattern using stegosauruses, they are really fun to draw, might be an idea for a t-shirt design


Some beee's i did in my sketch book, going to do a large A3 of them its going to take ages