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Another moleskin page

Another #moleskin page finished, I wish that I could fly!

#Robinreliant deigns

Just finished one of the rough visual for one of the #Robinreliant deigns
 I am working on at the moment. 
The deign will then be hand drawn onto the car.
The project is for two crazy guys raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support by driving their Robin Reliants to the furthest point East, West, North and South in the UK in May.
One down one more to go.

Working progress

A rough visual for an exciting project I am working on, more to come soon.


T-shirts design by me coming soon, tell all your friends!

Mini Project Finished

Mini project just finished, but wait there is more..........

Mini project

Mini project I am working on at the moment, will post finished item later

Moleskin time-lapse

I made this a while ago and forgot to post it, will have to make more.

A little rough visual

A little rough visual that I am working on for a client, can you find five chickens. Enjoy!