Feed the Birds

A work in progress, going to fill an a4 page full of birds and then water colour them

Going along with the crowd

Another crowd picture, loved drawing weird and wonderful character which will appear in other pictures no doubt.

Dumb Skulls

Another pattern page, working with skulls makes my eyes go funny but works well


Its all about the branding and what better way than by using a dinosaur

arms in arms

An experiment with robots that went crazy, but liked the idea of the repeating pattern might add colour

home sweet home

Picture done on the topic of memories, pleased with the detail with the games on the right hand side. Only half the picture shown, original A3.

Thats a steg load of dinosaurs

Same as the fish image I did but with dinosaurs, might add colour

Who lives in a house like this?

A recent picture i've done, look out for the snail mail, 5 shoe fly's and some fox gloves

A prehistoric idea

An idea I had, going to draw it out a bit like the the school of fish

Print wear and enjoy

Just finished a design for a t-shirt, planning to print wear and enjoy

Out with the old, In with the new

I thought i should up date my title page with something shiny and new

Bot and Goo

Goo feels funny

Space Landing

Space landing, another bit of work from my sketch book, ideas to add to a larger picture.

Website preview

Been working on my website, here is one of the pieces I have done for the home page, still got loads to do but it is getting there.

Swords, spears and gatling guns

Another battle picture, juxtaposition the knights, tanks and the odd dragon here and there, look out for the volley of arrows followed by a missile.

Sketch book pages

Here are a few pages from my sketch book, done in penicl. Drawing machines and monsters are so fun.

Colourful Fish

Work in progress, added watercolour to the fish image I did a while back, might have to play around with other colours a bit more and the contrasts, going to play around with the fish on a larger scale.

Pirates and space ships

Another print in the bag, still A4, might work bigger next time.
Look out for a pirate sword-fighting with a pair of scissors, a pirate duck and a scarecrow nest


Some work that I did for a editorial but was never published but thought I would share it, the editorial was about computer evolution and every day use.

Fairy detailed.

Here is one of the prints i have been working on, look out for the house fly, fairy lights and the three knights.

Fish balls

Still working with fish, trying to see what it would look like on the masses, might need colour.


Some more work i did for a friend, like the bugs and the dinosaurs before this time with instruments.

Love it or Hate it

Some work i did for a card for some one who is leaving and loves the brown stuff.

Bot and Goo

Spring is well on its way with the nice weather, but Goo has a really bad case of hay-fever.

Space Scene.

Some more space scene stuff that I am working on, will continue to post up dates.

fish ball

Here is some work iam working on at the moment, going to add colour and will post later

Bot and Goo

Goo now regrets asking to have a go on bots new rocket pack.


Another kaleidoscope this time with dinosaur bones, might do a collection of these and use them for postcards or t-shirts.

Robots on the march

More robots form my sketch book, they look like thay are on some sort of protest march that could be an idea for the future.

The School Run

Some work in progress, will colour it and post later, might look good in my bathroom.

Bot and Goo

Bot and Goo tried to play catch, but things did not go to plan

battle of the Pastels

Another piece of work from my sketch book, playing with crowds and futuristic warfare in nice pastel colours

Fruit Salad

Like the veg picture I posted before only with fruit, might have to do it with junk food next, it will be fun to see a man dressed like a burger.


I really enjoy doing kaleidoscope, you are never sure what you you are going to get, will post more of them (not bugs thou).

Robots for your eyes

Yet more robots, there is something satisfying about drawing robots I highly recomended it.

Bot and Goo

Bot and Goo adventures, introducing a new dynamic duo,
stay tuned for their hairbrained and outrageous

Yet more bugs

Did some more bugs, using photoshop might look good as a large poster

Space the final front ear

Work in progress, trying to make a large space scene but just experimenting with colour and context will keep up to date.


Some typography I did for a client, not sure how the letter S relates to music but it went down a storm.

Very Veggie

Part of a Poster I did for a brief, not sure if you eat these you are classed as a vegetarian or Hannibal Lecter

Heros with Problems

Another image from my sketch book, I have left the speech mark blank because I am in two minds of what he is saying, either, "I could so do with a cuppa tea right now" or "If only my mother could see me now"